These are the characters I have created myself. They are all gryphons (or gryphon-like)!
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Mountain lion / Red tailed hawk gryphon || He / Him

Equinox is an adventurous gryphon who loves tinkering and exploring the world around him. He lives in the capital city of the mainland as an electromechanical engineer, often working on robotics similar to the ones found in the real world.


Snow leopard / Red tailed hawk gryphon || She / Her

Solstice is a gryphon who loves to go to various high vantage points like mountains. Her thick snow-leopard fur keeps her warm in even the coldest environments. In her daily life, she works as an environmental scientist in the northern lands.


Mountain lion / Steller’s jay inspired Hawk gryphon || He / Him

After being banished from the capital city in the past for reasons related to his unique condition, Rask now lives the deep forest as a leader of his own tribe. Thanks to his pack-mates, He has learned to control his aggressive nocturnal outbursts. He still thinks back to his past and desires to get his reputation back up.


Lion / Bearded vulture / Phoenix gryphon || They / Them

As any phoenixes, Takora, being born from the sun, has the unique ability to be reborn after death. Only thing is, they lose almost every bit of their memories from their past life. Almost. Takora embraces this fact and has made their own library full of knowledge they’ve written by themselves to rediscover when the time comes. They are somewhat preoccupied, but is very friendly regardless.


Draft horse / Blue jay hippogryph || He / Him

(WIP) Asterion is a friendly (but somewhat shy) and very musically inspired hippogryph who works as a royal bard. He specializes in singing and can play a variety of instruments, primarily a lute.